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Like to share your expertise on VancouverDentistInfo’s blog?

Write for us!  We’re always looking for guest writers for our blog. Writing articles for our blog is a great way to show your knowledge of things dental—and to advertise your practice to prospective customers at the same time.

Contact us below with a topic you would like to write about. The topic should be dental related and be potentially interesting to our readers.

Write for our blog

Once your topic is accepted by us, write your article to a maximize length of 1,000 words and then submit it to us.  You can also include a short bio about yourself or practice, what you or your practice specializes in, picture of your business or headshot, etc. along with your article.

Your article should be informative, factual and easy for a layperson to read and understand. It should also not be a direct sales pitch of your practice.

If needed, We will edit your article for readability, and you will have final approval on any edits made to it. You will own copyright of your article.

Once you give final approval of your article, we will then publish it to our blog where it will be featured for at least a week, if not more.

Your article will list you as its author with a back link to your website and contact information. Thereafter, your article will be archived on our blog where it can be read again and again by our readers.

Note it’s completely free to have your article(s) posted on our blog.

Contact us below with your name and email, proposed topic(s) or a copy of your article to get started.

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