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  • 100-6710 Hastings St, Burnaby, BC V5B
  • 604-568-8499

August 16, 2015

A thief, if I want a complete exam, you have to ask me, because I only asked for a cleaning and it ended being 320$ with stupid lame work like 80$ for root planning (planning to do a root canal job... I don't need one!! Why are you planning for it you thief!) and be careful, panoramic xray for 60 dollars, plus each x ray cost 10$ each. A rip off. My insurance covers a big portion of it, but this company is ripping off the insurance, which on the long run end up being a more expensive insurance premium... really, in all fairness, that place (and probably many others) or stealing money by creating fakes and lies! A teeth cleaning, a basic one, shouldn't costing more than 80 to 100$! Be aware folks and never thinks that since insurance is paying it's ok. it'll come back to bite your a** very soon!

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