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Brushing teeth in kids | VancouverDentistInfo.comDeveloping good habits in kids is something every parent tries to do in his or her lifetime. Since habits define the personality of a human being in the long run, the importance of good habits early in life is essential.

Getting kids to brush their teeth is quite a task that every parent has to undertake to ensure the well being of their kid’s teeth. Good brushing teeth habits help kids take care of their oral hygiene and develop a nice personality with shining teeth which can be a big reason for their awesome smile for life.

Start kids brushing teeth early in life

Brushing teeth needs to start as soon as teeth appear. Some parents feel that since the teeth which are coming up will be falling off in due course before permanent teeth start showing up, so brushing kids’ teeth is not needed yet is absolutely a wrong practice.

Primary teeth are a precursor of permanent teeth and need to be cared like permanent teeth since they are going to decide the fate of permanent teeth and oral cavity in the long run. Underneath the primary teeth, permanent teeth are building up which need to be provided with a conducive environment that is free from all bacteria and infections.

Kids tend to have candies and sweet stuff more than adults. Thus their oral cavity becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Hence, brushing kids’ teeth at an early age becomes all the more necessary to ward off any oral hygiene problems. Research has proven that kids who develop cavities at an early age are prone to develop cavities as an adult.

The ideal toothbrush for kids

Introducing children early to brush their teeth is the best you can do to gift them permanent long lasting teeth for a lifetime. Choosing the appropriate tooth brush for your kid is as important as brushing itself. There are numerous brands of tooth brushes available in the market especially manufactured for kids that come in fancy shapes, colors and makes. These tooth brushes create an interest within the kids to brush their teeth in a playful way.

However, there are a few things that you as a parent need to keep in mind to derive optimum results out of the brushing. Make sure to use a soft tooth brush for your kid’s teeth which has a small head and a long handle. Allow your kid to handle the brush himself since they need to be comfortable with it.

Toothpaste for your kids

Any toothpaste that has fluoride in it will be good enough for your kids. You need not go in for a specialized or medicated tooth paste for your kids.

If your kid’s teeth have just erupted, the amount of toothpaste you are going to allow on the toothbrush should be of the size of a grain of rice. Once your kid is three year’s old increase the toothpaste volume to the size of a pea. A fluoride tooth paste will be good enough for your kid’s teeth. Do not worry even if the kid swallows a small amount of tooth paste.

Gradually teach your kid to rinse and spit out the remaining tooth paste. You need to supervise the brushing process of your kid till the age of 6. At age 6 your kid will be able to brush, rinse and spit by himself.

Yes you need to make the kid brush twice a day.

Brushing teeth the right way

Teach the right technique of teeth brushing to your kid early in life since this is going to become his habit and a process that he will be following for life. The learning at this moment will stay with him for the rest of his life in his sub conscious mind. Thus the right brushing technique needs to be introduced and etched early in life probably from day one.

The brush needs to be held at an angle of 45 degrees to the gum line and the brush needs to be rolled or swept away from the gum line. As a parent you may have to demonstrate it to the kids before they actually know what exactly needs to be done. Brush the outer surface, the inner surface and the chewing region. To clean the inner surface you need to tilt the brush vertically and do up and down strokes.

Kids tend to follow adults. Brush with your kids since that is going to give them the motivation to brush their teeth regularly.

Apart from that you can make brushing a fun activity with your kid’s favorite song on while they brush their teeth or even getting toothpaste with a different color every time.

Do not instill the fear of a dentist just to get your kids to brush their teeth. Visits to the dentist should be regular (every six months). Help your kid understand the importance of visiting a dentist along with brushing teeth two times a day.

Author Bio- Walter has been writer for Prodental Clinic London and he has been writing about various topics like healthcare and dental health. Walter is a consistent writer for Prodental Clinic London from the past couple of years. Prodental Clinic London is a Cosmetic dental clinic which provides dental services in London. They provide dental solutions like Dental implants, Invisalign teeth straightening, All-on-4 implants and Damon braces.

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