Dental Cavities – Causes, Risks & Treatment


Dental cavities are a sign of tooth decay. They show that your teeth are not doing fine and in fact, you have not taken proper dental care. Such a dental problem is age neutral and can strike to anyone at any stage of life. Be it kids, adults or grown-ups, all are prone to be hit by dental cavities in case proper oral care is not observed. In kids, the level of risks are higher because they eat more sweet items and they also don’t do brushing or follow dental hygiene tips in the desired manner.

What Causes Cavities

For grown-ups too, dental cavities are a big challenge as it can lead to loss of teeth, if ignored. It’s therefore important for people to never ignore cavities and rather catch the habit of visiting dentists on a regular basis. More so, people should first understand the reasons and causes of dental cavities and this will keep them in good stead in terms of following prevention methods in a superior manner. They should know that it all starts with bacteria which lead to the formation of plaque followed by tartar. The plaque should be removed at the earliest to avoid the risks of cavities.

Cavities Treatment Options

If the plaque is not removed in a timely manner, it can lead to tooth decay as the enamel thus gets damaged in a gradual manner. This is how holes are created in the tooth and once this stage is reached, nothing in the world can help except a visit to the dentist. The dentist will offer you two treatment options or choices – filling and crowning – and you can go with the one suiting your dental conditions perfectly. Both the treatment options are safe and patients can select either of them to let the problem of dental cavities get treated in the best possible manner.

Fillings Versus Crowns

Out of the two available treatment options, filling is more common and more prevalent globally as it’s been in practice for decades. In this, the dentist often removes the damaged part first and then go ahead and fill in the vacant spaces or holes with fillings made of either porcelain or composite resin. Both these materials are used extensively as they come closest to natural teeth in terms of appearance and look and feel. Similarly, the crowning option is used where cavities are extensive in nature and in this also, the decayed part is removed first and a crown is placed over the teeth to help patients.

Here’s a video on what a cavity is:

Consult With Your Dentist

Quite clearly, there are treatment options for you to tackle with dental cavities and their issues. You should therefore not delay meeting a dentist as leaving the cavities to fester means aggravating the problems further, which should never be done. You can visit the dentist and go for pain-free treatment and get your cavities treatment. In fact, if you had visited the dentist timely and on a regular basis, then your problems could well have been treated with natural treatment routine itself. So, never delay meeting the dentist for your dental problems.

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