5 Dental Healthy Smoothies Formulations that are Great for your Dental Health


Crown and Fillings | VancouverDentistInfo.comBrushing regularly, flossing and practicing good dental hygiene are essential. You must constantly see your dentist for cleanings and check-ups. This helps in keeping the gums and teeth in good health.

However, hygiene isn’t the only factor that needs to be taken care of in dental health. What one drinks and eats are also important in deteriorating or fortifying your teeth and gums.

Every single thing that is put in the mouth gets past the gums and teeth and this indeed has a major impact. If you are aware as to which ingredients cause harm and which ones are healthy, antioxidant dental healthy smoothies can be made.

Smoothies, Sugar, Teeth and Gums

Dental healthy smoothies | VancouverDentistInfoSmoothies shouldn’t be loaded with sugar; although it tastes good, it contributes towards gum diseases, cavities, tooth decay and various problems. The plaque that gets formed on the tooth invites bacteria. Regular flossing, brushing and professional cleaning help in minimizing plaque.

If acids and sugars are kept to a minimal level and if some good anti-oxidant ingredients are added to your smoothies, your teeth and gums can be kept in good shape.

Given below are 5 add ons to your smoothies which will make them dental healthy smoothies for your teeth and gums.

5 Dental Healthy Smoothies Add Ons

1. Yogurt

As long as high-sugar yogurts are avoided, this smoothie can promote good teeth growth. Yogurts contain phosphates and calcium and it helps in rebuilding the teeth, thereby strengthening it.

2. Low-Sugar Fruits

Although fruits contain a lot of sugar, they can be used instead of sugar. If the teeth are really bad, only berries must be used. Fresh fruits with lower amounts of acids and sugars like bananas, pears and apples can also be used.

3. Tea

Both black teas and green teas are great smoothie ingredients for various reasons. Tea is very rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants and has a great impact on the tooth. Tea contains polyphenols which are definitely very good when it comes to controlling plaque. These compounds kill bacteria and keep them away from acid.

4. Cranberries

Unsweetened cranberry juice and fresh cranberries have compounds for stopping bacteria from sticking to teeth. When sugar is added to the tart fruit, the benefit can be neutralized. If the sour flavour can be handled, pure cranberry juice must be considered and a handful of frozen or fresh berries can be added.

5. Coconut Oil

It is a superfood and there are various reasons for putting them in smoothies. The reason is because they have antibacterial properties, which are excellent for the tooth. Moreover, research shows that the bacteria growth is controlled in the tooth. Hence, infections and other cavities are prevented in the mouth; coconut oil is very good for oil pulling therapy too.

6. Extra: Yes, Cod Liver Oil

One more option is that of cod liver oil. Although it doesn’t sound that good, it is very nutritious. Just apt to its name, it comes from cod liver fish and is quite healthy when it comes to fatty acids, vitamin D and vitamin A.

Author Bio: Lisa Parker, a reader, writer, shopaholic and explorer who likes to write about anything to everything. She is expanding her zone in writing and tries to cover different fields. She wrote articles on shopping products, teeth whitening strips, management and on many different topics.

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